General Terms & Conditions

Article 1 General
IFM MANNHEIM GmbH Die Marktpsychologen (subsequently referred to as IFM MANNHEIM) provides consultancy services in accordance with the regulations recognized by those in the market and social research profession. (BVM/ESOMAR)

Article 2 Application
All services rendered and goods supplied are subject to these general terms and conditions. The client also accepts the following conditions when placing an order. We only officially acknowledge contradictory terms or terms which deviate from the conditions of sale if we provide express written approval of the former.


Article 3 Proposals
IFM MANNHEIM presents the interested party with a proposal in the form of a written research proposal in which are stipulated the terms of the order, the services required to complete the order, the time required for the research and payment for services rendered.

The interested party receives a research proposal solely as a means of deciding whether to accept the proposal or not. If no further terms are agreed upon, the content of the proposal may only be published either completely or in part, or passed on to third parties, with the mutual agreement of both parties.


Article 4 Prices
The fee stipulated in the proposal essentially includes all services rendered by IFM MANNHEIM required to complete the order, where incentives, product costs and any freight costs incurred as part of market tests when delivering testware to subsidiaries are invoiced separately.

Regarding fees, the prices agreed in the final written proposal before the order is approved apply.

All prices include statutory VAT applicable at the time, unless otherwise stated.

IFM MANNHEIM is able to charge separately for additional costs which are not covered by IFM MANNHEIM, and for additional costs which were not foreseeable at the time the order was approved—despite exercising due care—if a justifiable reason is found for the costs and if they are clear and sufficiently precise for the client. This also applies if the client has not agreed to bear these costs.


Article 5 Approval of the Order
Orders which are approved in writing, over the telephone, by fax or e-mail are binding for the client. Contracts are concluded through written or verbal confirmation of the order. Any alterations made to the size of an order once the contract has been concluded require the express written agreement of both parties.


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